As the proud principal of Hopi Jr High School, I am thrilled to sing praises of this wonderful school located east of the scenic and sacred San Francisco Peaks on the exclusive Hopi Reservation.  What makes Hopi Jr High School special, however, is the sense that we are part of a diverse, caring community.  We are "Hopi Jr High School Bruins" and this means something very special to our entire school community.  At Hopi Jr High School, we believe in our recently adopted motto: "I can, I must, I will succeed, because excellence is expected!"

Every morning after breakfast our administrators, teachers and staff who are committed to developing each and every child greet students.  During the homeroom, and after Channel One News, Performance Coaching and Support Coaching begins, where teachers give their entire homeroom class of students two problems/questions.  Students use the remaining 20-minutes (10-minutes for each problem/question) to answer what is asked of them.  These questions/problems are a combination of Common Core and AzMerit and are systematically researched based.  This procedure utilizes unique learning structures and best practices to enhance the learning process, maximize instructional time, and focus on content.

Our staff has also embraced the Personal Responsibility In Daily Excellence (PRIDE) Program: Which will go home today with students to formalize this unique learning program.  The PRIDE Program was implemented in November 2015.  Students are required to utilize their student planners/agendas with note taking, inputting Kid Friendly Objectives (KFOs) and receiving stamps in each and every class from their teachers throughout the school day.  After 20-consecutive days of stamps students are awarded GOLD Cards.  The GOLD Card entitles students to additional incentives including pizza parties, events, and enriching activities and games. Students who fail to turn in any homework or assignments are not given their stamp and they must stay for 8th period to make up any missing work/assignments: This keeps students on track and does not allow them to fall behind academically.

In addition, all teachers are involved in a structured consistent process of tutoring.  The 7th grade teachers tutor students Monday-Thursday during one special area class per week  along with federal programs director Alban Naha and Principal Madrid.  Teachers in the 8th grade tutor students Monday-Thursday one day per week from 3:30-4:30 p.m.  All tutoring has the support of the special education paraprofessionals also.  Tutoring is targeted to reach specific students and identify areas where they are struggling in standards and objectives from the recent NWEA.

Finally, in supporting a rigorous academic program, Hopi Jr High School subscribes to the belief that a successful school addresses the needs of the whole child and involves the community in the process.  It is for this reason that we offer more than 30-programs during the year to support the learner and members of the Hopi Jr High School community.  These programs include athletics, field trips, band, science fair, spelling bee, plays, skits, dances, parades, student council, national junior honor society, gifted and talented education, advancement via individual determination, close up, parent advisory councils, continous school improvement plan teams, and quarterly parent and community events.  Hopi Jr High School is NOT a PERFORMING school "YET" but our student performance only continues to improve each quarter.  In closing, Hopi Jr High School embraces the challenges that we face today and believes that with the support of the community "I can, I must, I will succeed, because excellence is expected!" 

Fernando P. Madrid, Principal